Maryland TMV Research Named 'Highlight of 2017'

A 2017 article in Nanotechnology by a group of MSAL researchers has been named a Highlight of 2017 by the journal. It has been included in a special collection showcasing the journal’s best publications from 2017 across all its sections.

Biofabrication of Tobacco mosaic virus-nanoscaffolded supercapacitors via temporal capillary microfluidics was written by MSAL alumnus Faheng Zang (EE Ph.D. 2016), MSAL student Sangwook Chu, MSAL alumnus and former postdoctoral researcher Konstantinos Gerasopoulos (EE Ph.D. 2011), Professor James Culver (IBBR/PSLA) and Professor Reza Ghodssi.