Young Wook Kim
Young Wook Kim was awarded the Best Poster Presentation in the 5th Annual Bioscience and Engineering Symposium.
Sowmya Subramanian
Sowmya Subramanian was selected as one of the twenty four graduate students from ECE to participate
Reza Ghodssi
Reza Ghodssi was an invited speaker at the IEEE Sensors 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland.


Reza Ghodssi
Funding for international research projects in solar power, cell-based systems, and ultra-low power systems has been announced by the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy, and ISR.
Reza Ghodssi
Reza Ghodssi (ECE/ISR) was an invited speaker at the Third International Winter School on Nano and Biotechnology in Sterzing, Italy.
Reza Ghodssi
Reza Ghodssi was an invited speaker at the Bio-Inspired Engineering International Symposium 2012 at Harvard University.
Reza Ghodssi
A team of researchers at the University of Maryland are developing tools that promise powerful new ways to combat catheter-based and other infections without provoking bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
NSF Video pic
The movie featured those involved in a project that harnesses the inherent properties of the Tobacco mosaic virus to build prototypes of high-power, long-lasting batteries of the future.
Mariana Meyer
Mariana Meyer won the Best Poster Award for "Multi-Depth Microfluidic Biofilm Reactor Fabricated With ALD Passivation of a Photoresist Mold".
Delegation from Iraq, 2012
ISR hosted a delegation of university presidents, education officials and diplomats from Iraq on February 20, 2012.
Young Wook Kim
Young Wook Kim's journal paper published in Sensors and Actuators-B was selected as a recent featured article on Advances in Engineering
Matt Mosteller
Matthew Mosteller completed his M.S. degree in System Engineering in October 2012.